Next Level Mealz

Eddy was an ex-professional athlete making a living as a personal trainer in Los Angeles. Eddy was obsessed with helping his clients achieve results, so one day Eddy asked Chef Rafiel Serrano if he could prepare low calorie, nutrient dense meals for Eddy's personal training clients. Chef Rafi went to work in the kitchen. He produced a mind blowing assortment of healthy meals, made using the highest quality organic, locally sourced ingredients available. Needless to say Rafi's food was a huge hit and Eddy's clients started seeing insane results - faster than ever before. It wasn't long before other personal trainers in Los Angeles started asking Eddy and Rafi to prepare healthy meals for their clients, too. And Next Level Mealz was born. Fast forward 6 months and now this dynamic duo's meal prep service is being enjoyed by athletes, entrepreneurs and fitness lovers all across Los Angeles.

"We work tirelessly to provide our clients with NEXT LEVEL quality food, NEXT LEVEL value and NEXT LEVEL customer service."

- Eddy and Chef Rafi