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NLMZ is a 100% organic whole food meal delivery service for entrepreneurs, athletes & professionals who need the highest quality food and want to dial in their calories/macros.

With NLMZ you save time shopping, planning, prepping, cooking, cleaning & packaging your own meals.

Best of all, you get to enjoy organic, whole food meals prepared by a professional chef in a professional kitchen at an affordable price, fuel your performance and progress towards your physique goals. 


Who can order?

We only serve the Los Angeles area.


Where is your kitchen?

We cook all our clients’ custom meals fresh every Sunday and Wednesday in our private, professional kitchen facility in the heart of Los Angeles.


How many meals do I get?

Our meals are meant to be eaten as part of your weekly diet plan. Every time you order with us, you order one week of meals for the following week.

When you place your order, you get to choose how many of our meals you would like to eat per day.

For example, you can order one meal per day (6 meals total), two per day (12 total), 3 per day (18 total), 4 per day (24 total) or up to 6 meals per day (36 meals total).


How many meals do most people order?

Many clients use our meals as a convenient and healthy way to supplement their regular diet at home. These clients order 2 or 3 meals per day each week.

Other clients who are on a stricter diet exclusively eat our meals and nothing else. These clients will order 4, 5 or 6 meals per day depending on their height/weight, their activity levels and their goals.


Why do you sell your meals in multiples of 6?

We have found that clients prefer to have at least one day per week of "flexibility" to enjoy a few meals at home or out with friends.

Next Level Mealz gives you the quality fuel you need to achieve your goals 6 days a week so that you can enjoy a day of "less regimented" eating once per week without ever having to feel guilty about it.


When are my meals delivered?

Our delivery specialists will deliver your meals to you in 2 batches:

On Sunday evening we will deliver you your meals for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

On Wednesday evening we will deliver you your meals for Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

We accept orders online anytime, but our cutoff is Friday night at midnight for deliveries the following week. 

If you place an order anytime after Friday night at midnight, your meals will be delivered to you the next week after the following week.


What's in the meals?

First of all, We ONLY serve organic ingredients, period.  All locally sourced, all 100% organic produce, all 100% organic grass-fed proteins & all wild caught fish.

We source the freshest local ingredients every single week, then cook your meals fresh every Sunday and Wednesday before delivering your meals to you the same day they are cooked.

Each meal is made up of 4 oz of protein, 4 oz of healthy carbohydrates and 4 oz of veggies.



Do you ever freeze your ingredients?

No. Our meal prep service is the freshest meal prep service in Los Angeles.

There is never any food storage. No freezing, no warehousing, no distribution centers and no shipping, ever.

Your food goes from the farm, to our kitchen, to the oven/pan, to the box and straight to your door.

Our meals are precisely weighed, packaged, labelled and delivered directly to you the same day they’re cooked. 


How do I order?

1) First, you choose from 1 of our meal plans, listed on our homepage.

2) Second, you choose how many meals you want to eat each day:

You can order anywhere from 1 meal per day (6 meals total) up to 6 meals per day (36 meals total).

Our meals are small, which allows you to customize your order to get the exact amount of food you need.

A large, highly active male athlete may stack 3 meals together just for his dinner (12 oz protein, 12 oz carbs, 12 oz veggies). Therefore, he would order at least 3 meals per day if he wanted to eat NLMZ for dinner each night.

An average-sized female athlete who wishes to each a small lunch (4 oz protein, 4 oz carbs, 4 oz veggies) and a small dinner (4 oz protein, 4 oz carbs, 4 oz veggies) each day may only order 2 meals per day.

An average-sized male athlete who is moderately active may stack 2 meals together to make his lunch (8 oz protein, 8 oz carbs, 8 oz veggies) and another 2 meals together to make his dinner (8 oz protein, 8 oz carbs, 8 oz veggies). Therefore, he would order 4 meals per day for the week.

3) Third, you determine which ingredients go into your meals by picking between Chef's Choice or Custom.

Chef's Choice will include a balanced variety of proteins, carbs and veggies based on which ingredients in season and which ingredients our chef hand picks for that week.

Custom is for those clients who know exactly which proteins, carbs and veggies they want to go into their meals. Just let us know in the "notes" box during checkout what ingredients you'd like in your meals (the notes box is located on the cart page).

For example, a client may order our clean meal plan but they wish to have all steak and shrimp in each meal. They would select custom during checkout and then in the notes box on the cart page, they would write "all steak and shrimp, no other proteins". If we had any questions about their request, we would reach out to them personally to determine exactly what they want in their meals.

Another client may order our vegan meal plan but wish to have all lentils, broccoli and brown rice in each meal. They would select custom during checkout and then in the notes box they would write something like "ALL lentils, broccoli and brown rice. Each meal the same." If we had any doubts or questions about their order, we would reach out to them.


What if I need help planning my diet?

We specialize in helping you design your nutrition plan to achieve your goals.

We offer a personalized concierge service that will help you determine how many calories you need to eat and what to put in your meals.

We start by actually getting to know you.

When you place your first order with us, we reach out to learn about your activity level, your lifestyle, your goals, your dietary restrictions, your exact food preferences and more.

We create a personalized meal plan that will help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible, while still enjoying every single meal along the way.

Your unique calorie and macronutrient needs are dialed into your meals.

This means we pack every single meal with the precise amount of protein, carbohydrates and calories that you need to reach your goals.

For one flat rate ($250.00) you get a completely customized week of meals delivered to your door in two batches.

On Sunday evening we will deliver your meals for Monday - Wednesday.

On Wednesday evening we will deliver your meals for Thursday - Saturday.


What if I still have questions?

Reach out to and ask us any questions you have that are not answered here. We'll always get back to you as quickly as possible! 

For a quicker reply to any small questions, DM us on Instagram!